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Hey There!!

Hullo! Welcome to The-Unseen-Artists!

This is a group, for all you Unseen Artists!! You have a sister group, The-Unheard-Poets. This one is for all artists, the other is specifically for poets. When you join, make sure that you are sending the request to Members, not co-founders or anything else! Feel free to boast about yourself in the description, or just write a little about yourself!


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Hello fellow artists.
I'm going to post this in a few different groups, and try and get it out there.
I want to make as many people as I can, feel as light as a feather!!
This journals about something that's important to me. I mean...I wouldn't be here without it.
I bet you're thinking that I'm talking about is friendship, or family, or some nonsense.
But that's not what i am here to say, so you can heave a sigh of relief my friends. I'm not going to prattle on about the goodness of friendships and family. Yeah, they are important, they help ALOT.
But think about it. When do they help? They help when you feel weak, when you feel unhappy. They raise your spirits. And they do that by giving you a gift. You may not even realise that they are giving you it, they may not even realise they are giving it to you!!
This all comes down to you. A friends there for when YOU feel weak. And why do you feel weak? Think about it. It's pretty simple.
It's cos you've ran out of hope. People give up, people let go of things, all because they have run out of hope.
And I can't help but see people slowly run out of hope. It's like a light in their eyes that has gone out. They stop smiling, cos they don't see the point. They don't laugh, because why bother? Soon they'll be as sad as they were before.
Hope's important to me, and so far, I've seemed to have an endless supply. Maybe it's because I know of hopes true power, that means I can keep going, always having hope inside of me, I don't know. All I know is, I love hope...It's not really an emotion, though in a way it is..., or an object. it's..well, I'm a poet, so this may sound like I'm featuring myself, but I'm not. I'm a poet, and I write best in verse's... -shrug- So in other words, read this, and you'll see what I mean.
Is what keeps us moving,
Keeps us fighting,
Keeps us alive.
Without hope we are an empty vessel.
Without hope we are nothing.
Hope keeps the world spinning,
And the population smiling.
Without hope...
Dear god,
We would be lost souls.
We find hope in one another,
We find hope in our daily lives.
Hope that things will be better in the future.
Hope that that bad thing will never happen,
Or our dreams will actually come true.
Hope is the drive that keeps us going forward,
It is our protector,
Our friend,
Our lover,
Our family,
Our supporter.
Hope will be there when no one else is.
But only if you want it to be.
Hope is an emotion like no other,
It doesn't make you feel sad,
Or happy,
Or aggressive.
It just fills you with this need,
This want,
To be more,
To do better,
To know you can.
Hope will consume you,
Dress you all in white,
Make you feel feather light.
It will be your tool box to build your dreams,
It will be your wings to help you fly to higher places.
Is your Guardian

Right. Now you know what I mean. Not really an emotion, though in a way it is. Hope just...fills you, brings an instant smile to your face.
In a way, dreams are the product of hope. They are amazing things, dreams are. In dreams, we can make our own reality. Create a world, entirely of our own. Just for us. Hope creates a small possibility, a want, for this world to exist. It pushes you forward to mould your life, your world, into what ever you want.
Hopes a fantastic thing. It saves lives every single day. And we all need more of it.
I've not had a terribly easy life...It's been difficult, there have been days where I just want to give up, and at times, I am sad to say, I have actually given up. But I'm still here...
Hope is all you need, when it comes down to it. When you are alone, you hope that you will one day be with people. When you are unhappy, you hope one day you will be able to smile. When you are crying, you hope one day the reason those tears fall will disappear forever. Hopes all you need. Hope keeps you strong, gives you the belief that everything will be alright. That you really, you can keep going another day.
The world needs a lot of things. it needs to abolish greed, it needs to stop world hunger, it needs to stop bullying, get rid of stereotypes, homophobia, and racism. It needs to become Eco-friendly. It needs a lot, this world does. And the fuel for that to happen, what sparks everyone thinking that that is possible, is hope. Hope will outlive everything, and everyone. This little bit of knowledge that tomorrow, the sun will rise. That life will carry on, no matter how bad that day was. That tomorrow is a new start, a new dawn, a new day. Hope is all you need.
I can never entirely close a it on a past relationship, or friendship, or some other thing in my life...for the simple reason of I believe, I hope that maybe it'll come back, the happiness it once brought me.
So please, good artists, writers, what ever you are, next time your uploading your art work, think maybe this is the piece that will get you on the front page. When you next go out to hang with people, think maybe this is the day you will meet that one and only person.
I wish that you have read this, and thought about it. I wish that you understand what I mean. Please, keep hope alive. Keep that light in your eyes, smile in the face of pain, knowing that tomorrow, the pain will have faded a little bit more then it had yesterday. Smile in the face of pain, laugh in the face of anger. Show it you will not be beaten, because you have hope on your side. And slowly, maybe one at a time, we can get every person in the world smiling :heart:
Keep smiling, fellow artists.
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